3G Sports Pitch … we need your support!

Many in our local community will be aware about our very exciting plans for a 3G (artificial surface) sports pitch to be built in the grounds at the rear of The Brooksbank School The fantastic facility will have a hugely beneficial impact on students at the school and in the wider community, such as local football and rugby clubs. In addition to significantly enhancing the PE facilities for students, it promises to be a fantastic asset to both the town and its people, 52 weeks a year at weekends, holidays and evenings. zYear-8-Yorkshire-Cup-Winners--(1)---Copy

We need your help and support to help secure funding for the proposal

The project is being substantially funded by the Football Foundation who are themselves funded by The Premier League, Football Association and Sport England. The rationale is to improve facilities for grassroots football throughout the country and they have highlighted Elland as an area that desperately needs a 3G pitch. In addition, Brooksbank’s official current status as the number one rugby league school in the country and our long history of success in this sport has encouraged the Rugby Football League to make a significant contribution to the construction costs, too. zYear-9-National-Champs-2015-2

However, none of the funding streams are certain as yet and the application requires evidence that the proposals are supported by potential beneficiaries.


Hence, we need your support!

We are asking anyone who stands to benefit from this state-of-the-art sports facility – including parents, sports clubs, businesses – to write letters of support for the plan. We’ve made it easy for you to construct your letter by providing a downloadable example template (click here), however, any message of support will count so…

… support us via social media!

For those who are active on social media, Twitter and Facebook, messages of support all count and will be gratefully received. Or just…

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Avid emailers out there can email your support.  We have created a dedicated email address to help you ping your emails directly the sports pitch inbox.  It’s… 3Gresponse@bbs.calderdale.sch.uk

We would be delighted to receive your support and…



Some frequently asked questions about the 3G pitch proposal …

Why do we need a 3G sport pitch in this area?

National sports organisations, including the Football Foundation, the Football Association and Calderdale Council, have identified Elland as a gap in 3G provision, regionally. Local football and rugby clubs have to travel out of area to find suitable facilities. Brooksbank does not have an all-weather surface for PE teaching, out-of-school matches and training.

Where will the pitch be sited?

On the school playing fields at the rear of the school and close to the Sports Hall.  This site is as far away from the school boundaries as possible.

What are the proposed opening times?

17:00 until 22:00 Monday to Friday in term time 09:00 until 22:00 Monday to Friday in school holidays 09:00 until 18:00 Saturdays 09:00 until 18:00 Sundays

Will the pitch use floodlighting?

Yes, floodlighting will be used when appropriate.  We are pleased to report that modern floodlighting is highly directional and has minimal light leakage outside the pitch area.  They will also be energy-efficient.



What is the timescale for the project?

Spring 2019:                funding application and tendering.

Summer 2019:            construction.

September 2019:        open.

Where will people park their vehicles?

Following the public consultation where parking during the day was highlighted as an issue and worry of future community use car parking was expressed, the 3G pitch plans have been changed to include an additional 30 car parking spaces next to the proposed 3G pitch. With a further 119 car parking spaces on the site (39 in the Sports Hall car park and 80 in the car park alongside Victoria Road) and 39 spaces available at the Hammerstones site just down the road, there should be ample parking for all both for community use and during school hours.


Full FAQ sheet can be downloaded here.