About us

Whatever you want to be, we will help you to succeed

Our aim at Brooksbank is to provide an outstanding educational experience for every one of our students.  Academic achievement, while being a top priority for us, is only part of our remit.  We take a holistic approach towards developing talented and personable young people, with the aim that they will go on to live happy and successful lives and forge rewarding and successful careers.

Inspiring students to Aspire and Achieve

Our vision as a school is encapsulated in three ‘A’s: Aspire and Achieve.  Our vision statement is displayed prominently across the school.  It reminds us all that we should strive to do our very best, every moment of every day.  This philosophy would surely have struck a chord with our philanthropic founder, Joseph Brooksbank, who founded The Brooksbank School three hundred years ago.  We believe that all of our students have unique attributes, whether they regard themselves as scientists, musicians, writers, artists, mathematicians, athletes or a combination of all these things, we will encourage them all to Aspire and Achieve.

A climate of success in which to learn and flourish

We are committed to creating exciting opportunities in order to broaden minds and nurture talent.  By offering our students an unrivalled programme of learning opportunities and out-of-hours activities which are additional to the curriculum, our students will Aspire and Achieve. Opportunities to explore and learn are in abundance at the school.  For those who wish to tread the theatre boards, excel with their musical instrument, study Science at university or become a top athlete, our broad programme is designed to enable everyone to succeed.  With over 1700 students and 200 staff, we take pride in being friendly, caring and supportive toward each other.   We encourage all students and staff to embrace and share our vision and to uphold our values and ethos.

Our aims in a nutshell 

  • To develop talented and personable young people who will go on to live happy and successful lives and forge rewarding and successful careers.
  • To provide the widest possible range of exciting learning opportunities.
  • To maintain a culture where every student is encouraged and supported and their learning and achievements are celebrated.
  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all and to do all we can to overcome any barriers.

Find out more about us

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We have high expectations of all our students in terms of their work, attitude and behaviour. We are proud of our successful and friendly school community.

All students follow a very simple code of conduct based on the word RESPECT

Everyone shows:

  • respect for themselves
  • respect for others
  • respect for the environment

These codes of conduct are displayed around school, in classrooms and in student planners.

We are passionate about rewarding our students for all the good things they do. We have a whole school rewards scheme based on credits. Students are given credits for good classwork, homework and positive attitude. The credits build up to earn certificates throughout the year and, at the end of the year, a school trip. We also have achievement assemblies and prizegiving evenings to which parents are invited.

When students do not meet our expectations, we have a number of sanctions which range from a quiet word to a detention or, on rare occasions, exclusion from lessons. We do reserve the right to detain students after school with 24 hours notice and we ask for parental support when this arises.