Students in Year 10 have enjoyed a two-day Raising Aspirations event at Brooksbank.

The event aimed to highlight students’ options as they approach vital Post-16 choices and consider future career pathways.

To help us do this, we invited several outside agencies and special guests to participate in the event. We were particularly delighted to welcome back former Brooksbank students who returned to share their experiences of university and higher education and offer their advice.

Raising Aspirations also aimed to mitigate the difficulties faced by students over the last year. To do this we brought in specialist consultancy team, Inner Drive, to speak about cultivating a positive mindset and the importance of working hard. The Good to Great workshops channelled students’ self-motivation and determination to succeed by learning from various successful people.

Presentations by the Apprenticeship Service included a live online Q & A with a current apprentice. Careers experts, C + K Careers, discussed the local employment picture. Local employers Covea and O2 presented interactive videos about employability skills and the types of in-demand skills and qualities they look for when recruiting young people.

Students also attended their favourite picks of taster sessions of the sixth form courses available at Brooksbank and Kirklees College.

Raising Aspirations was a productive, illuminating event that generated positivity and cascaded information about the months and years that lie ahead for Year 10 students.