Brooksbank is bringing POPSTARS: THE 90s MUSICAL to the main stage and we want you join us for this brilliant girl band versus boy band show!

What we were doing back in the 90s

What a decade! *sigh*  Buffy and the Big Breakfast ruled TV, hip hop and Britpop were storming the charts and someone in your house had a pet Tamagotchi.  In the fashion stakes, combat pants (thank you, All Saints) were teamed with the ultimate 90s accessory – the midriff – and if you weren’t baring yours, you were basically your Nan (sorry, Nan!).  The boys were hanging loose in anything oversized such as skater tees and baggy combats (to stash that Gameboy).

The Popstars dealio A show packed with late 90s mega hits

The show is packed with the best mega-hits from the late 90s.  If you still enjoy a sneaky listen to your 90s mix-tapes or are streaming them, loud and proud – this one’s for you!  Maybe you couldn’t pick between Britney and Christina, had NSYNC and Backstreet Boys posters on your bedroom wall, or sang Mariah Carey hits into your hairbrush – go on, admit it! – we’ve got you covered.  The decade defining hits including … Baby One More Time, Bye, Bye, Bye and Who Let the Dogs Out!

The story arc

When the school announces it will hold a talent show, things take a different direction for sweethearts Mark and Shannon.

When ambitious, Shannon learns that pop promoter Simone Austin will be judging the school talent show she ungraciously dumps Mark and swings her plans for stardom into action.  Queen Bee Sharon recruits her two besties to help her achieve her goal.

Mark is undeniably shell-shocked by Shannon’s behaviour; his street cred goes from hero to zero overnight.  Deciding to fight with fire, he decides to retaliate by putting his own band in the competition.   There’s just one problem – they’re a garage band and can’t dance for toffee.

To get them in the zone Mark resourcefully seeks the help of go-your-own-way Ella for advice.  You can bet on the sparks flying when Shannon and her Candy Girls find out!

How’s it going to pan out?

Who will win this girl band versus boy band contest?  Can Mark snatch the grand prize from starry-eyed Shannon?  Obviously we’re not going tell you here!  You’ll have to come and see the show to find out what happens!

Get your tickets for Brooksbank’s 90s spectacular from Reception or on the school website,  The show takes place on 10th and 11th April and tickets cost £5 and £4.