Brooksbank has launched a strategy to target boys’ mental health.  It’s called MENGAGE and it aims to create a safe and respectful school culture in which boys can talk to a member of our specially-trained team of male teachers and sixth formers.

Research suggests that many of the vulnerabilities men feel in midlife, when the risk of suicide is at its highest, are established in childhood and adolescence, and that the needs of boys and young men need attention to prevent difficulties in later years.

Project MENGAGE was launched in a series of assemblies to each year group by Mrs Puddephatt, who is leading on the school’s strategy.  “It’s important for our boys to know that help is available in school if they need advice or support regarding mental wellbeing.  Our team of male staff and older pupils are excellent role models who can talk openly about mental health, using positive language,” said Mrs Puddephatt.

A series of posters has been displayed across the school showing simple messages about mental health and who to talk to if help is needed.

The strategy sits alongside our other work to support students with mental health issues or simply need to talk about anything troubling them.