We’ve hired The Viaduct Theatre, Dean Clough for our performance arts showcase coming up on 7.00pm on Thursday, 11th July.  Called Melting Pot, it’s going to be a feast of classic and original drama and music, that’s punctuated with buzzing monologues and premium poetry.

Here’s a sneaky peek at you can expect from Brooksbank’s Melting Pot Performing Arts Show.

Melting Pot has some punchy musical ingredients from youngsters who are at the beginning of their musical career, to those who have mastered their instruments to a high degree.  The Wind Band and Brass Group will be performing an eclectic mix of material, from Michael Jackson to Scott Joplin, and the Senior and Junior Choir, will be aiming to fill The Viaduct’s arches with a reverberating repertoire.  “Listen up for Eric Whitacre’s Seal Lullaby – it promises to be a magical highlight,” says Jamie Cooper, Head of Performance Arts.

Soloists from Year 7 to Year 12 will be demonstrating their considerable talents with music from the world of film and musical theatre.  We’re confident you will be familiar with our favourite picks from past and present including recent Oscar-winner, A Star is Born and Carousel by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Thrown in for some ‘extra’ are jazz and hip-hop original pieces that melt into the mix brilliantly.

The programme also features plenty of thought-provoking and fun drama.  Key Stage 3 Drama Club will present The Pardoner’s Tale.  In the fourteenth century, Chaucer’s players roamed the streets performing The Canterbury Tales.  Seven hundred year later, Brooksbank’s mummers are set to bring you the fun, mayhem and comeuppance of The Pardoner’s Tale; a morality play from which we can all learn from.

Year 10 students are not only performing for you; they are also being examined!  Yes, this performance is part of their GCSE final grade (as if performing on its own wasn’t scary enough!).  Students have created two pieces of original drama that deliver hard-hitting messages.   The Promise features: Hannah Barker, Codi Grice, Cheyney McCarthy, Delten Moss and Lewis Singleton.  The second piece, inspired by an illustration, features: Tara Cordiner, Oliver Davies, Phoebe Dear, Jemima Howley and Erin Shaw.

Some of Brooksbank’s Year 12 drama students will be performing in public for the very first time – and this performance just happens to be part of their A Level examination too!  No pressure!!!  They have taken Henry Irving’s Victorian melodramatic masterpiece, The Bells and transformed it into a contemporary piece of physical theatre; taking their inspiration from physical theatre guru, Steven Berkoff.  The Bells (Reinvented) features: Eve Entwhistle, Ami Nicholls, Mansoor Rasul, Robbie Scully and Ellie Telford.

A Level English Literature students will also be stepping into the spotlight to perform monologues written especially for the event.  Poetry readings are sure to add extra spice to what will be a wonderful melting pot of talented performances by students at The Brooksbank School.  Tickets are available free of charge from the school’s reception and website.

Says Mr Cooper, “We are fast developing a reputation for excellence in the performing arts.  Public performance in shows such as Melting Pot demonstrates our determination to enable students to find their voice and harness their unique potential in music.  Developing student’s skills in performing arts is hugely beneficial to raising the aspirations of our students and developing their confidence so that they will grow into resilient young adults.”