“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”

- Mark Twain


Based on the National Curriculum for KS3 history.  At KS4 we study AQA History; Paper One: Understanding the Modern World, Paper Two: Shaping the Nation and at A Level we study Edexcel, . 

Year 7:

Topics taught include: Overview Romans - 1066, The Normans, Empires Around the World, Medieval Beliefs, Medieval Lives, Medieval Monarchs, Medicine Through Time

Year 8:

Tudors, Stuarts, Slavery, Empires, Industrial Revolution, Crime and Punishment Through Time

Year 9:

World War One, America in 1920s, The Rise of the Nazis, The Holocaust, World War Two.

Year 10:

Cold War, 1945-1975, Germany 1890-1945.

Year 11:

Health and the People 1000-Present Day, The Normans 1066-1100.

Year 12:

Russia 1894-1924, Britain 1525-1701

Year 13: 

Industrialisation and Social change in Britain.

Keystage 4: AQA | GCSE | History | Specification at a glance- courses studied are options AB, BC, AA, BA


Keystage 5: Edexcel GCSE and GCE 2014 (pearson.com) – courses studied are 1C, p32, 2C.2, p36 34.1, p88