“Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.”

Dean Schlicter


At KS3 the course is based on the National Curriculum, with Year 7 and 8 covering the core content and Year 9 following one of three streams designed to summarise and embed the KS3 content in readiness for the appropriate level tier of entry at GCSE.


At KS4 students follow a Foundation, Crossover or Higher course. Students following the Foundation and Higher courses will sit this tier at GCSE. The Crossover course is for those students whose tier of entry is not clear at the start of Year 10.


At KS5 we offer A Level Maths and Further Maths.


Year 7

Topics taught include: calculations and the number system, ratio, algebraic manipulation, angles, fractions, decimals and percentages.  


Year 8

Solving equations, geometric constructions, transformations, congruence, circle geometry, sequences and graphs.


Year 9

Number system, charts, perimeter, area, formula, probability, proportion, interest and growth, loci, bearings, pythagoras, trigonometry, averages, simultaneous equations.

Year 10

Foundation: indices, sequences, equations and inequalities, plans and elevations, Pythagoras and trigonometry.

Crossover: arcs and sectors, surface area and volume, coordinate geometry, graphs, transformations, Venn diagrams and simultaneous equations.

Higher: recurring decimals, surds, quadratics, conditional probability, cumulative.


Year 11

Foundation: arcs and sectors, averages, charts, compound measures, transformations.

Higher: histograms, non-linear graphs, area under a curve, circle theorems, algebraic fractions, proof, vectors.

Year 12

A-Level Maths: polynomials, trigonometry, calculus, coordinate geometry, exponential models, mechanics, statistics.

A level Further Maths: complex numbers, roots of polynomials, hyperbolic functions, rational functions, polar coordinates, matrices, vectors, calculus, series, proof by induction, mechanics, statistics.


Year 13

A-Level Maths: proof, functions, sequences, partial fractions, binomial expansion, radian measure, trigonometry, differential equations, calculus, vectors.

A level Further Maths: Further exploration of: complex numbers, trigonometry, ellipses, hyperbolic functions, graphs, vectors, matrices, calculus, series, differential equations.