Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages



“One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door on the way.”  

Frank Smith - psycholinguist 


 French is offered at KS 3, 4 and 5.  



Year 7

Subject Content- personal information, using French in the classroom, family, free-time, opinions and justifications, where they live, character and physical descriptions.   

Year 8

Subject Content – personal information, including descriptions and opinions, school subjects and school day, sports and activities and the weather, where you live, directions, places in town, making invitations, holidays. 

Year 9

Subject Content – personal information, including relationships and activities with friends, music, clothes and what you did last weekend.  Where you live and would like to live, including describing your house or flat.  Food – what you usually eat and food for special occasions.  Culture - Carnival and festivals in French speaking countries.  Films – opinions and  watching and reviewing a film in French.  Project - where you act as a member of a company which is selling a product to French businesses. 

At KS4 we offer GCSE French. 

Year 10

Subject Content - friends and family and relationships.  Making arrangements to go out and describing a night out in the past tense. When you were younger. Role models. Sport, life online, reading habits, television, films. Daily life, celebrations, festivals and traditions. Describing where you live, future plans and weather. Community projects.


Year 11

Subject Content – school, healthy lifestyle, career choices, future plans, hopes and wishes. Applying for jobs. Protecting the environment, ethical shopping, volunteering, big events. Ideal holiday, booking and reviewing hotels, holiday disasters.

Year 12

Subject Content – family, education, work, music, media, festivals and traditions

Year 13

Subject Content -immigration, integration, France during World War 2 – occupation, Vichy regime and resistance.