“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, they are the person who asks the right questions.”

– Claude Lévi-Strauss


Based on the National Curriculum for KS3 science (science programme of study). At KS4 we offer two courses, Combined Science:trilogy which is a double GCSE or Triple Science which gives a GCSE for each separate science. 

Year 7

Topics taught include:

Cells, Human Body, Reproduction, Particles, Chemical Reactions, All Around Us, Energy, Forces, Electricity and Waves.  

Year 8

Plants, Ecology, Microbes, Particles 2, Chemical Reactions 2, The Periodic Table, Energy 2, Forces 2, Electricity 2 and Waves 2.

Year 9

Genes, Health & Fitness, Chemical Reactions 3, Energy & Electricity 3, Forces & Waves 3.

Year 10

Biology: AQA Topics B1 Cell biology, B2 Organisation, B3 Infection and response, B4 Bioenergetics.

Chemistry: AQA Topics C1 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table C2 Bonding, Structure and the Properties of Matter, C3 Quantitative Chemistry, C4 Chemical Changes, C5 Energy Changes.

Physics: AQA Topics P1 Energy, P2 Electricity, P3 Particle Model of Matter, P4 Atomic Structure.


Year 11

Biology: AQA Topics B5 Homeostasis, B6 Inheritance, Variation and Evolution, B7 Ecology.

Chemistry: AQA Topics C6 The rate and Extent of Chemical Change, C7 Organic Chemistry, C8 Chemical Analysis, C9 Chemistry of the Atmosphere, C10 Using Resources.

Physics: AQA Topics P5 Forces, P6 Waves, P7 Magnetism and Electromagnetism, P8 Space Physics.



AQA Biology A-level.

OCR A Chemistry A-level.

OCR A Physics A-level.

BTEC Level 3 Applied Science Extended Certificate / National Diploma.


BTEC Level 3 Applied Science

Single award (Extended certificate)
Unit 1 - Principles and Applications of Science IUnit 2 - Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques
Unit 3 - Science Investigative skills
Unit 8 - Physiology of Human Body Systems

Double Award (Diploma)

Unit 4 - Laboratory Techniques and their Application
Unit 5- Principles and Applications of Science II
Unit 6 - Investigative Project 
Unit 21 - Medical Physics Applications

AQA A-level Biology

1 Biological molecules2 Cells
3 Organisms exchange substances with their environment
4 Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
5 Energy transfers in and between organisms
6 Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
7 Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
8 The control of gene expression


OCR A A-level Chemistry

1 Development of practical skills in chemistry2 Foundations in chemistry
3 Periodic table and energy
4 Core organic chemistry
5 Physical chemistry and transition elements
6 Organic chemistry and analysis


OCR A A-level Physics

1 Development of practical skills in physics
2 Foundations of physics
3 Forces and motion
4 Electrons, waves and photons
5 Newtonian world and astrophysics
6 Particles and medical physics