The School Day

The school day runs from 9.00am – 3.20 pm as follows. It is organised into six, fifty-minute lessons.

Morning Session  Afternoon Session
9.00 am  Registration / Assembly  1.00 pm  Lunch
9.20 am  Lesson one   1.40 pm  Register / Lesson five
10.10 am     Lesson two        2.30 pm  Lesson Six
11.00 am    Break      3.20 pm School Closes
11.20 am    Lesson three    
12.10 pm     Lesson four    

All students are expected to eat their lunch on school premises.

Students in Years 12-13 are allowed off site at lunchtime providing they have a signed permission slip in their student planner.  The school reserves the right to remove this privilege for any individuals if poor behaviour warrants it.