Year 9 Options


It's decision time for Year 9. You may have a clear goal in mind. Or you may be exploring ideas. Either way, this page will give you the information you need to make some great choices for your Key Stage 4 studies.

Remember that you will be studying several core subjects as part of the National Curriculum. These include GCSE English, Maths and Science plus non-exam subjects PE, iGen (PSCHE), Philosophy and Ethics. Science is offered as a Combined option worth two GCSEs and a Triple option of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This counts as three GCSEs.

 Ideally, your choices will ensure your learning has breadth and balance. You can begin fine-tuning your preferences in a couple of years when you prepare for sixth form.

How do I decide? Don't worry. We hear this question a lot! Think about your interests, likes and dislikes, and which learning styles suit you best. Choosing subjects you enjoy will boost your studies and your enthusiasm.  

Options Presetation

Click this link to access our Options Presentaion  

Options Booklet

Click this link to access our Options Booklet.

The booklet covers the options process, options blocks, assessment methods and how to complete the all-important Options Form. It also specifies each course leader. They will be more than happy to chat with you about the course. Remember to ask your parents what they think too!  

Course Information

Click this link to discover each course in more detail.

Both core subjects and option subjects are included. Take your time to read through the subjects on offer and what kind of careers and further education they lead to.


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