Students at the Link have taken part in an accredited First Aid Course run by PFE Training Services.  We are thrilled to report they have all passed with flying colours!

Students received training in basic first aid skills, ranging from how to re-start a heart, how to deal with burns, how to use an EpiPen and how to respond to accidents in the home.  Students successfully passed several activity-based tests and completed a written skills-based assessment.

Lynn Greenwood (Manager at the Link) commented on how mature the students were and how well they engaged with the learning process. “It was a great team-building exercise and students gained a valuable accredited certificate to add to their portfolios,” said Mrs Greenwood.  “I was extremely proud of how sensible they were, and the way they approached practical sessions in a mature manner,” she added.

“It was a fun way to learn first aid skills,” commented one student.

“My favourite part was bandaging each other for broken bones,” said another.

“I liked practicing how to re-start a heart on the dummies.”

When asked if they would recommend the course they all agreed a unanimous: “YES!”