Year 11 Geography students have undertaken an important study trip to Liverpool, as part of their GCSE Geography course.  Students are required to look at an aspect of physical and human Geography for Paper 3 of the final examination.  Physical Geography fieldwork was undertaken on a local rivers field trip in June 2017, and this second field trip supported learning in Human Geography.

Looking at various aspects of the urban environment, Brooksbank Geographers were given the opportunity to focus their skills on four sites across the city.  Beginning at Liverpool’s landmark buildings at Pier Head, they took in the 42-acre retail site, Liverpool One, tracked residential regeneration at Duke Street and concluded at the World Heritage Site of Albert Dock.

Each destination provided GCSE Geographers a great opportunity to practice land use mapping skills and analyse the environmental qualities of each destination.  While at Liverpool One, students also exercised their interviewing techniques while carrying out a survey, among members of the public, to find out their reasons for visiting Liverpool.

It had been a very productive day, with plenty of blue-sky thinking, thanks to some warm Spring sunshine. The fieldwork supported in-depth teaching about the city itself and prepared students for their final examinations in June.  Shaun Birch said, “I really liked learning about Liverpool after working on it in class.  It was interesting seeing the changes in the city.”