Getting to school – June 2020


It is uncertain at the present time whether school buses will be running week commencing 15th June 2020 and, if they do, there will be certain limitations including:


  • Buses will have a limited carrying capacity. This is likely to be either 19 or 11 depending on the size of the buses. This means that they will fill up quickly on a first come, first served basis and, once full, other students would have to make their own way to school


  • All students using the buses will have to have face coverings. It is not clear at the moment whether an actual face mask is a requirement or whether scarves, etc., would be sufficient. The face coverings would have to be provided by the student’s family


  • If the school buses are running, they will only aim to arrive for the first start time of 09:00, meaning students who are due to start at 09:30 will arrive at least half an hour early


  • It is unclear whether school buses will be available to take students home again at the close of the school day but, if they do, they would be arriving at 12:55, meaning those students finishing at 12:25 would be waiting half an hour for their bus


  • It is also unclear as to whether the buses will accept cash


Given the limitations of the school bus services above, the school advises that students make alternative arrangements for getting to school wherever possible.