How your child uses ICT at school

ICT in schools is taught as a subject in its own right and also supports students’ learning in other subjects, including English and mathematics. Within ICT lessons students learn to use a wide range of ICT software applications.

In school, students will have access to computers, laptops and tablets to complete various tasks, all of which are linked to the Internet. Our ICT facilities allow us access to the latest versions of online resources, such as Office 365, AppShed, Scratch and DTP software along with the tutorials that support these to enhance the teaching and learning experience for our students both in school and at home.

Our internet service allows secure, filtered access for all students and staff members to both network and wireless resources including email to be able to communicate with teachers and other students.

Outside of school hours, (OOSH), students are able to access ICT facilities with support from ICT specialist teachers to complete outstanding work or to join one of the ICT clubs on offer. These clubs are open to all year groups and cover a range of more advanced/bespoke software applications such as Java, Python, Android Studio, Blender and Unity. We are also open to student requests to start new ICT clubs, resources and time permitting.

Students use a variety of programs across the curriculum including and develop a wide range of skills, including:

  • Spreadsheets to create tables, charts and model ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Desktop publishing to design posters and leaflets
  • Multimedia Presentation software to present text, pictures and sound
  • Graphics editing packages using the Adobe suit of products
  • Email and Office 365 software
  • Basic programming concepts using Python and Scratch applications
  • Internet research and online safety
  • Animation using stop frame techniques in DrawPlus and Adobe Flash
  • Web creation using WebPlus and Dreamweaver
  • Games and ‘App’ design challenges using AppShed and Scratch
  • Touch typing to improve speed and accuracy when word processing