Brooksbank student, Ava Pickard, has been playing football since she was around seven years old.  She followed her older brother into the sport and began playing for Greetland Goldstars.  While there she was talent spotted by scouts at Leeds United and was invited to join their Regional Talent Centre.

Football focussed Ava, who has been playing for the club for four years, is now attending training camps for England and is hoping to join the Under 15 squad where she will play her first games for her country – an impressive track record for a youngster who is still in Year 8!

Ava was spotted for Leeds United when she played for the Goldstars, where she discovered a taste for the sport in Year 3.  Playing in central midfield position, Ava rules the midfield and scores plenty of goals to boot.  Playing a key role in both attack and defence, Ava works with the keeper, strikers and wingers on the pitch.

“I love the game and enjoy the commitment,” says Ava.  “This year I’ve scored ten goals in fifteen games and set up over twenty assists.”

Football must be a popular subject in the Pickard household: with Ava and her inspirational brother, who inspired her to take up the sport, Dad who supports top flight Chelsea, and mum who favours Premier League Champions, Manchester City.

We wish Ava all the very best in achieving her dream to become a professional footballer.