Materials Appeal

The Brooksbank School Technology department are making visors (PPE).

The production of the visors is in full swing – and the demand is high – a really heart-tugging story about an old lady who is very poorly – and wants to return home to die in peace and dignity.  Unfortunately she can’t because the care staff who look after her don’t have the necessary PPE equipment.  We are helping them out.  I am sure there will be more stories like this.  One home requested 80 visors – we only had 10 to give them.

Team technology are willing to keep making more but materials are running low.  This is where you come in we need:

0.5mm polypropylene sheets, of any colour, for the headbands.

Also A4 clear Acetate/PVC Binder covers, 200 microns or thicker

These can be delivered to the school.



Below is the response after a deliver y from us.

On behalf of my colleagues I would like to say thank you for the PPE delivered to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary today.

They will be distributed via our materials management department being  put to good use on the Wards & Departments throughout the hospital.

 This is an extremely challenging time at present and they are most appreciated.