23 May 2022

GCSE Students humbled by Holocaust survivor’s story.

GCSE Students are humbled by Holocaust survivor’s story.

History students at Brooksbank have been inspired by a visit to Holocaust Learning Centre, Huddersfield. The GCSE students spent a thought-provoking day listening to Holocaust survivor Trude Silman and touring the Holocaust Exhibition.  

Trude was born in 1929 into a Jewish family in what was then called Czechoslovakia. Trude was the youngest of three children. She enjoyed a happy childhood, but after the German annexation of Austria, her father began to look for ways to escape. Trude remembers the feeling of fear as her school closed and she had to remain at home.

At nine years old, Trude escaped Nazi persecution and came to England. Unfortunately, her parents never made the journey. Her father was taken to Auschwitz, and her mother, who worked as a nurse, disappeared in 1944.  

“I have no recollection of saying goodbye, kissing, crying, anything. It’s just completely eradicated.  

Trude was awarded an MBE in 2020 for her work in Holocaust education. Her story held students spellbound and left them feeling truly inspired by her bravery. When they returned to school, students wrote letters to Trude expressing their gratitude for sharing her story.

“Thank you for telling us about your very personal and traumatic story,” said Lucas.

“I listened to your every word and am very grateful. We will be the last generation to do so,” said Olivia.

“I am so inspired by how strong you are at the age of 92. Thank you for sharing with young historians like ourselves,” said Annie.   

“Your talk has made me realise how serious the Holocaust was. I found it extremely interesting and powerful,” said Dylan. 

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