12 September 2022

Open Evening

The Brooksbank School Open Evening.  

We are delighted to invite parents and their children to our Open Evening on Thursday, September 22nd. We aim to demonstrate the excellent opportunities Brooksbank can offer your child on the next stage of their learning journey. We hope that you will find the experience an informative and enjoyable one.  

Pledging our commitment to your child’s journey in learning and development.    

We have four key messages for parents and carers:  

  1. The Brooksbank School has a proud history at the heart of the Elland community. Founded in 1712 by our philanthropic namesake, we have grown from grammar school roots into the school familiar to many parents and grandparents. Comprehensive and specialist sports college status has brought us to where we are today - a thriving and diverse comprehensive of over 1700 students.  
  2. At Brooksbank, your child will receive every opportunity to aspire and achieve. We believe in the resourcefulness of all of our students, and we work hard to maximise the considerable learning potential of every one of them. Our GCSE and A Level examination results are a testament to our culture of learning and achievement.  
  3. At Brooksbank, we will ensure that your child will be safe, supported and happy. We do all we can to ensure the security and success of all our young people. We have skilled and caring teachers and support staff to ensure that every child is well known and feels supported.
  4. At Brooksbank, your child will learn in aspirational learning environments and enjoy many inspiring after-school activities.   
    We hope this evening will be inspiring and informative for you.  

Arrival at Open Evening.

Arrival is through our Main Hall Foyer. The event begins at 6.00 pm and ends at 8.30 pm. We invite you to pick up and take home a copy of our Prospectus, which illustrates our vision for all our students.   

Let our ambassadors take you on a guided tour of Brooksbank.  

There is no better way of finding out what a school offers than talking to its young people. We have a large team of student ambassadors who will be pleased to guide you around our school and answer any questions you may have. If you wish to explore our school unaided, we have prepared a multi-coloured map to help you find your child’s favourite subjects and discover new ones.    

Meet our Headteacher.  

At 6.15 pm and 7.00 pm, you are warmly invited to the Main Hall to meet our Headteacher, Mr David Lord and several students. They will share expectations and thoughts about life and learning at Brooksbank.   

Sports Criteria Admissions.   

If you are seeking information about Sports Criteria Applications, please go to C10, where Mr David Puddephatt (Director of Sixth Form) will answer your questions about this application method.  

Feedback with Zak. 

Why not visit our Vox Pop Studio, where you can share your ideas about our Open Evening? Zachary O’Reilly will be looking forward to chatting with you.  

We look forward to meeting you on September 22nd and hope you enjoy discovering all that Brooksbank has to offer your child.   

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