15 March 2023

"Bonjour, Besançon!"

"Bonjour, Besançon!"


We had a fabulous time with our French pen pals when we hosted an event for 91 students and nine teachers on Monday.


What began as a letter-writing project between students blossomed into an exciting, face-to-face meet-up of sports and social activities. 


After their day at Brooksbank, the party, who are staying in the historic city of York, went on to visit several of our region's crown jewels, including Scarborough, Liverpool and Haworth, before reuniting with Brooksbank students at the Piece Hall, Halifax on Friday.


French students have created a 35-minute film describing their school and the French school system. They have also documented the nature and wildlife around Besançon and highlighted its gastronomic delights.


The French party also brought a new sport to Brooksbank. Ultimate Frisbee is a big deal with our neighbours across the Channel, and three national team members were on the week-long visit, including the national champion, Zazie!

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