19 April 2023

Easter Recognition Awards

Easter Recognition Awards


An essential element of our ethos at Brooksbank is to ensure our young people are recognised for their hard work and effort in lessons and across our school. Students who aim high every day are acknowledged in classes by their teachers, and their diligence makes them excellent role models for others to follow.


We have been delighted to reward the highest achievers in our Easter Recognition Awards celebrations and congratulate them on their fantastic achievements throughout the spring term.


Students are recognised for displaying four characteristics outstanding learners show in every lesson. These are effort, progress, teamwork and resilience.


Individuals who display something extraordinary and above and beyond what is expected receive Brooksbank's Star Performer award. These are really special!


Recipients of our effort, progress, teamwork and resilience awards were rewarded with Easter eggs in special celebration assemblies for each year group. Star Performers received Amazon vouchers.


Our highest accolade is a Headteacher Commendation. Three students in every year group have received Brooksbank's ultimate recognition award. They were invited for breakfast in the boardroom and presented with certificates by Mr Atkinson.


Read our full article in Beyond the Blue Line issue 34.


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