17 March 2023

GCSE Geographers hit Liverpool!

 GCSE Geographers hit Liverpool!


130 Brooksbank geographers have had a field day in the world-class city of Liverpool as part of their GCSE Geography studies. Students explored the former industrial city now known for its Fab Four and Eurovision connections.


Speaking of Eurovision, the three, day-long visits took place the week tickets for the song-fest went on sale, and singer Mae Muller was revealed as the UK's entrant.


The trips to the UK's fourth largest city are the fieldwork element of their GCSE course, where Year 11s discover how the place has transformed itself in recent years. 


Our geographers carried out environment surveys, utilised different sampling techniques and interviewed members of the public to gauge Liverpool's sphere of influence.


"Visiting Liverpool after working on it in class has been really interesting. I now feel more prepared for the exam."


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