15 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week

Raising awareness Mental Health Awareness Week


We're highlighting National Mental Health Awareness Week by holding a series of assemblies hosted by Mrs Williams.


This year's campaign to raise awareness about mental health focuses on anxiety.

Mrs Williams told students,


"Taking care of your mental health is high on our agenda. Around our school, you will see posters suggesting ways we can combat the anxieties that crop up in our daily lives. Anxieties surrounding loneliness, discrimination, bereavement, money problems or exam stress are all examples of feelings you may be struggling with."


There are lots of choices we can make ourselves to combat anxiety. Choosing not to smoke, vape or take drugs is chief among these. Setting goals to lift our spirits is another.


However, sometimes the bucket of what we are able to cope with overflows, and that's when we need help.


We've posted information posters at prominent locations around Brooksbank which highlight ways of combatting anxiety.


"We urge any of our students to seek help if they are experiencing anxiety or any other mental health issue. Our message is, please don't struggle alone.

Talk to your form tutor, who will be more than willing to offer support. Talk to your family members and friends."


The important thing is not to struggle in silence - reach out to someone.

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