26 May 2023

Students deliver Shakespeare's The Tempest

Students dress up and deliver a fun take on Shakespeare's Tempest.


The summer term always sees KS3 students studying plays in English. And what better way to understand a play than to perform it! 


It was great to see Year 7 students gather in the small hall to watch their classmates enjoy performing prominent roles such as Prospero, Ariel and Miranda.


As well as laughter, the fun performance stirred up some healthy competition among the classes who threw themselves into making props which helped bring the characters to life.


Alongside studying the hundred-year-old play in class, students also took advantage of the extra-curricular time after school.


"The production is part of a new approach to teaching Shakespeare we are trialling. If it works with Year 7, we'll roll it out to Years 8 and 9 next year," said organiser Miss Hall.


"My students were amazing!" said English teacher, Miss Farr. "I even got them to sing! The Tempest has some lovely characters for youngsters to get their teeth into."


Did you know? We can thank Shakespeare's The Tempest for several phrases that pepper our language today. If you've felt daunted by a 'brave new world', found yourself 'in a pickle', noticed something has 'disappeared into thin air' or responded 'fair play' to someone, you are channelling William Shakespeare.

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