07 July 2022

Smiles of joy pervade action-packed Transition Day!

It was wonderful to welcome our new cohort of Year 7s on Monday, 4th July. The rainbow mix of primary school sweatshirts filled the main hall with vibrance and colour!

The day began promptly with a welcome assembly and another chance to meet Miss Hynes, Miss Smithson and Mrs Puddephatt. Students were also introduced to their sixth form mentors. Two per form would guide, support and help them for the rest of the day.

Once in form rooms, the itinerary continued with a raft of fun-filled get-to-know-you activities. Everyone was encouraged to make at least one friend from another school. A brilliant Science lesson followed as Bunsen burners were fired up to make salt by evaporating a weak hydrochloric acid solution.   

Then it was time for lunch. News reports of beef being off the menu for some schools, but it was absolutely on the menu at Brooksbank! Many students tucked into a plate of delicious Spaghetti Bolognaise. Others chose Italian Quorn meatballs or pizza.  

The afternoon was packed with more hands-on opportunities, this time in Design and Technology. Some forms completed a woodworking activity using woodworking tools, including drills, saws and the big sanding machine. Others made fresh mini pizzas. Each was as individual as each visitor!  

To close the day, Year 6s gathered in the main hall for a final assembly. Every student received a free copy of the novel The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh by Helen Rutter to read over the holidays. It had been a momentous day for everyone.

"See you in September in your Brooksbank uniforms, Year 6s!"

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