10 May 2022

Winners emerge at delightful Public Speaking Competition.

The final of Brooksbank's third Public Speaking Competition took place at the end of April. We were delighted to welcome parents, carers and friends of the school to join us for an intimate performance on the main hall stage. 

Professional actor and storyteller Robin Simpson performed The Porcupine by Roald Dahl to get us in the mood. Robin then headed the judging panel.

Then finalists emerged one by one to perform their pieces under the warm glow of the spotlights. No pressure! Each performance was warmly applauded, and after much deliberation, the judges revealed the winners. 

The erudite Emrys Osborn achieved first place for Year 7, while the accomplished Elliot Bairstow stole the show for Year 8. Huge congratulations to Elliot and Emrys!  

We'd also like to say a big "Well done!" to all the Year 7 form winners. These fledgling public speakers have only been at Brooksbank for a few months, yet they stepped up to the plate with skill and bravery. Year 7 competition finalists included Laila Cullen (7R), Isaac Perry (7R), Chelsea Sibbick (7R), Anisah Khaled (7N), Millie Rhodes (7S), Alice Sheard (7S), Jamie Rhodes (7T) (Commendation), Emrys Osborn (7T), Chloe Needham (7T), Lily Thornley (7U), Edgar Harry (7D), Jude Taylor (7D) (Commendation). 

Our Year 8 finalists threw themselves into it, showing great confidence, character and skill in their performances. They included: Will Greenwood (8L), Ashleigh Dixon (8E), Harry Moore (8A), Jasmine Ward (8A) (Commendation), Leah Underwood (8R), Arthur Garnett (8R) (Commendation), Delilah McKay (8N), Fred Brown (8N), Eden Gill (8S), Elliot Bairstow (8S), Saadi Khan (8U), Elliot Wilkinson (8Y), Ethan Geall (8Y). 

A huge "Thank you!" to all who took part in this fantastic event.     

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