OOSH activities are springing into action across Brooksbank following a significant gap due to Covid restrictions.  Students are delighted to be getting back into their favourite activities or try out some of the new ones we have on offer.

The buzz around OOSH activities has always been massive at Brooksbank.  Delivering the best in extra-curricular opportunities enhances classroom learning and throws fun and friendship into the mix for free!  Thankfully, we are now back in business, and students can take advantage of more activities than ever before.

What’s on offer?

Clubs range from Art, Astronomy, Drama, Football, Science, Rugby, Running and Homework.  Brand new groups and meet-ups include Silent Reading, Uke Jam, STEM, Workshop Confidence, BBS Radio and Ceramic Jewellery.   There is even a Marvel Film Club for those who love superheroes!

When and where?

Most activities take place every week at lunchtime or after school.  Running Club meets every Friday at 7.30am for super early birds who want a rousing run ahead of the weekend!

Find out more …

Details of all OOSH activities are displayed on posters in every form room.