By engaging young hearts and developing young minds we aim to inspire our students to Aspire and Achieve. 

We are proud to describe ourselves as an ambitious yet traditional comprehensive school.  Traditional values and conduct are very important to both our school ethos and our everyday values.  We believe that innovative teaching and learning within a traditional framework works the best for our students.

While academic achievement is a top priority for us, we also do our utmost to provide our students with an outstanding range of learning opportunities.  Many of these take place inside the classroom, however, in order to maximise student learning and personal development, we offer lots of opportunities to explore the wider world.  


In Year 7, students enjoy an action-packed residential trip to the Lake District.  In Year 8, there are team-building Enterprise days and an exciting History trip.  In Year 9, students visit one of Britain’s top Science attractions to celebrate National Science Week.  Enhanced learning opportunities for our Sixth Form students include a nature study field trip, an Art galleries tour of London and a fashion-packed day at Clothes Show Live.  Finally, we organise an amazing skiing trip to North America, taking in San Francisco on the way – this unforgettable experience is open to all ages and takes place biennially.  These are just a few examples of the hundreds of learning experiences and opportunities, which students at The Brooksbank School may take advantage of.


First class facilities in a green field setting

We believe in creating exciting opportunities in order to broaden minds and nurture talent.  At Brooksbank, our students enjoy a unique programme of school-day learning opportunities and after-hours activities designed to enable everyone to Aspire and Achieve.

Modern teaching spaces are essential to the successful delivery of challenging and creative programmes of learning.  Brooksbank is proud to have been able to retain its century-old stonework and augment it with some superb, architect-designed learning centres.

The Arthaus: an inspirational space naturally conducive to developing individuality

Our new centre for sixth form arts opened recently and is regarded, by students, as a stimulating environment where their artistic creativity has the freedom to flourish.

“At the beginning of the design stage, we believed it was essential to bring on board students’ ideas about how they wanted to use their space,” says Mr McCallion.  “We were rewarded with a truly innovative design brief and a stunning result.”

One year later, we opened the Arthaus and students were greatly impressed by the light-filled expanses.  Towering ceilings, extensive glass walls and a vibrant colour palette all conspire to create an atmosphere of calm tranquillity where students may: project work, play the grand piano and develop their own art photography. 


Celebrating Artistic Success

Every year we celebrate students’ artistic success with an inspirational Art exhibition.  Final pieces from every student are displayed representing the culmination of two years of self-discovery and hard work.   Parents, friends of the school and respected artists are all invited to view the artwork created using a wide variety of media and techniques ranging from film, photography and paint to 3D mod-roc sculptures and installations.

The Fine Art and Photography courses are hugely popular and successful at Brooksbank.  To enhance our provision, we have developed links with a number of influential artists who bring their creative expertise for the benefit of students.  At this year’s exhibition, we were delighted to welcome book illustrator, Chris Mould and digital animator Matt Howarth who also presented prizes.

Celebrating Sporting Success

Professional footballers, rugby players, cricketers, an international runner and a top flight referee are all former students of The Brooksbank School.  This proud tradition continues with our rugby and football teams winning at Calderdale, regional and national schools’ championships level.  Students also compete widely in athletics, netball, gymnastics, badminton and trampolining.  As well as competitions and friendlies, we hold and annual gym and dance showcase evening to celebrate our students’ sporting activities.

We have also been proud to welcome a number of world class athletes to Brooksbank to work with and inspire students.  These include: Olympic gold medallist, Darren Campbell; Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, Helen Clitheroe; World Champion taekwondo bronze medallist, Sarah Stevenson and distance runner Steve Cramm MBE, who brought the London 2012 Olympic torch to our school.