Home School Agreement

We believe that successful education is about a partnership between the school, parents and students. This partnership is based on expectations and responsibilities.


  • Establish a safe, secure environment for all students in which their welfare will be a priority

  • Provide high-quality education through which all students will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential

  • Keep parents informed about all aspects of their child’s development through regular communication

  • Set and mark appropriate homework for all students

  • Motivate students by recognising and rewarding their achievements both within school and in the wider community

As a PARENT/CARER I am expected to:

  • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and on time, advising the school of any absence in writing or by telephone as soon as possible

  • Support my child in his/her studies and in completing homework to the best of his/her ability

  • Liaise with school and discuss my child’s progress at Parents’ Evenings or other occasions

  • Ensure my child wears the correct school dress and has the necessary equipment

  • Support the school in its efforts to ensure acceptable behaviour from my child

  • Keep school informed of any concerns or problems which may affect my child’s work or behaviour in school

As a STUDENT I am expected to:

  • Attend school regularly and on time

  • Work to the best of my ability both in lessons and at home

  • Follow the school’s Code of Conduct and behave appropriately at all times

  • Respect the school environment, other students and their property

  • Behave as a good citizen on my way to/from school and respect the wider community and
    its environment

  • Wear correct school dress and have the equipment I need for each lesson