Meet Our Team

The Head

Andrew Taylor


Senior Leadership Team

Debbie Shutter

Deputy Headteacher

My role is to create and maintain a caring, safe and stimulating environment for all members of our school community. Within this I have specific responsibility for care, guidance and support and in ensuring that high standards of conduct and behaviour are maintained so we can all get on with life in school.
I also ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. I do this by tracking the progress of all our students. I ensure that individual targets are aspirational and that all barriers to achievement are removed so that every student is given the opportunity to succeed.

Zandra Puddephatt

Deputy Headteacher

My role is to create a caring and safe environment for all members of the school community. I work closely with Mr Ball, the Assistant Head, who oversees the Pastoral System. I am the designated senior lead for Child Protection and Safeguarding and I am in charge of Inclusion, this includes Pupil Premium students and Children Looked After. It is important in these roles that I liaise closely with parents and outside agencies in order to enable all students, in our inclusive school, to achieve their potential.

Dave Puddephatt

Director of Sixth Form / Assistant Headteacher

My main area of responsibility is the strategic leadership and management of Post-16 education (Sixth Form). With over 300 students, studying more than 35 different Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications; ensuring students are given the correct information, advice and guidance to get them onto the right courses is a key part of my role. Monitoring the academic performance of students as they progress through the Sixth Form is also very important, as is their personal development. Ensuring that all our students leave Brooksbank with the skills, personal qualities and confidence to be successful in the next phase of their lives, whether that is university, employment or further training, is another crucial part of my role.

Noel Watkins

Assistant Headteacher

I have responsibility for the progress of Key Stage 3 students and for the development of the curriculum they follow. I track students’ progress, strengthen their high aspirations and ensure they are given every opportunity to realise their potential. I also ensure that students are well prepared for their decisive studies in Key Stage 4. My remit also includes the development and maintenance of student standards and skills, so that our students are capable of making valuable contributions to our society in an increasingly competitive world.

Donna Clarke

Assistant Headteacher / Director of English

I have responsibility for leading the English Department and overseeing the management of our Learning Resource Centre (LRC). As Director of English, my priority is to ensure we offer an engaging and inspiring curriculum that promotes progress and fosters an engagement of the subject. Within the LRC, we strive to offer a safe environment and support students' literacy skills, via a love of reading, so as to enhance their learning across the curriculum.

Damian Ball

Assistant Head Teacher

My role as Assistant Headteacher is to oversee the pastoral system, and ensure that students are supported in order to maximise their potential. Our pastoral system is at the heart of everything we do. It is important that we create an environment where students are supported to overcome any issue that may affect their learning experience.
One of my main responsibilities is to ensure that the school’s behaviour policy is applied consistently, both in and out of lessons and student standards are upheld. We have high expectations and insist on high standards for all students. Students are taught to have an excellent attitude to learning and to behave in a way which shows respect to themselves and others.
I am also responsible for making the transition of students from primary school to the academy enjoyable and seamless. This is crucial to their academic progress in Key Stage 3.

James Walker

Assistant Headteacher / Director of Mathematics

Jo Nutter

Assistant Headteacher

Alex Wainhouse

Assistant Headteacher

Laura Farley

Assistant Headteacher

Richard O’Connell

Director of Finance and Resources