Teaching & Learning Team

Welcome to the T&L Team

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“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better”.
The T&L Team consists of experienced and innovative practitioners committed to developing teaching and learning to be outstanding in every way.
They do this by:

  • celebrating and sharing good practice
  • planning and delivering CPD 
  • monitoring key aspects of learning
  • coaching and mentoring
  • providing support to teachers

Research, done by the American academic Little, found that successful T&L was centred around 4 key principles:

  • Teachers talk about teaching
  • Teachers observe each other teaching
  • Teachers plan, organise, monitor and evaluate their teaching together
  • Teachers teach each other

The quality of teaching and learning is the number one priority at Brooksbank. It is the quality of day-in-day-out practice that makes the difference for all our students.

In supporting this consistent reflection and refinement – the T&L Team team meet every half-term to plan the delivery of the teaching and learning events for all teachers at Brooksbank.

Our key priorities for 2017-18 are:


Keen on putting pedagogy into practice and supporting our colleagues through training, coaching and resources, the team members research widely, experiment with new ideas, visit other schools and attend courses to broaden and develop their own skills and knowledge.

The T&L Team team is led by:
Philip Dore, Deputy Headteacher

T&L Members:
Richard Miller, T&L post holder
Sharon Smith, T&L post holder

John Baker – Lead Teacher – English
Max Barker – Lead Teacher – Science
Carly Bassinder, Head of Y7 / Teacher of Technology
Jamie Cooper, Head of Music
Kelly Cross, Teacher of English
Martine Jervis, Co-Head of Business Studies / Coaching Lead
Dev Mehta, Lead Teacher – Maths
Hannah Mouzdi, Teacher of Art
Jo Nutter, Head of P.E.
Rebecca Perkis, Teacher of Technology
Karen Robertshaw, Teacher of Technology
Katy Steward, Head of Drama
Tracey Temelkovski, Teacher of Business Studies
Deroy White, Teacher of P.E.

If colleagues would like to apply to be part of the T&L Team then please contact Philip Dore (Deputy Headteacher).