Pastoral Care

Our pastoral aims are:

  • To support students as individuals as they progress through the school and respond positively to their needs.
  • To support students as members of a social group.
  • To support students’ learning and their full participation in the curriculum.
  • To help students develop positive and useful qualities as part of a well-rounded personality.
  • To create a safe and stimulating environment for all, based on the principles of respect for all.


High expectations of work and behaviour which build and sustain students’ sense of confidence and self-worth, rather than threatening and overwhelming them.

Students must believe that they are capable of success and must be helped to act on that belief.


Expectations must be consistently expressed and applied by individual staff and by all staff collectively.


All staff should work actively to promote positive relationships with students and parents.

We, as a school, should promote a positive dialogue with our students and be ready to listen and respond to their needs and/or concerns.


A positive regard for all members of the school community should be promoted. If students are to value themselves and the school, they need to be shown respect by the staff.

Our approach to working with students:

  • Our “Work Hard at Brooksbank” expectations outline the way in which we work with students to achieve our overarching aims and enable them to be the best they can be.
  • We expect that students will demonstrate the following attributes in everything they do in the classroom and around school.
  • Our expectations have been shared with students in lessons, assemblies, are displayed in every classroom and around.
  • We believe that these traits will make students successful at school and for their lives beyond school. It is vital that we help prepare all our students for the next stage of their life.




We believe that successful education is about a partnership between the school, parents and students. This partnership is based on expectations and responsibilities.


  • Establish a safe, secure environment for all students in which their welfare will be a priority
  • Provide high-quality education through which all students will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Keep parents informed about all aspects of their child’s development through regular communication
  • Set and mark appropriate homework for all students
  • Motivate students by recognising and rewarding their achievements both within school and in the wider community


As a PARENT/CARER I am expected to:

  • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and on time, advising the school of any absence in writing or by telephone as soon as possible
  • Support my child in their studies and in completing homework to the best of their ability
  • Liaise with school and discuss my child’s progress at Parents’ Evenings or other occasions
  • Ensure my child wears the correct school dress and has the necessary equipment
  • Support the school in its efforts to ensure acceptable behaviour from my child
  • Keep school informed of any concerns or problems which may affect my child’s work or behaviour in school


As a STUDENT I am expected to:

  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Work to the best of my ability both in lessons and at home
  • Follow the school’s Code of Conduct and behave appropriately at all times
  • Respect the school environment, other students and their property
  • Behave as a good citizen on my way to/from school and respect the wider community and its environment
  • Wear correct school dress and have the equipment I need for each lesson

Representing the school at sporting events

There are many opportunities to represent the school in sporting events from year 7 to year 13. At The Brooksbank School, we are proud of our reputation for playing and winning.  We field teams who compete in a full and varied fixture list which spans all sports.  In recent years, Brooksbank has dominated competitive sports at Calderdale level and we regularly progress and succeed at regional level.  Our success at rugby league is a special source of pride.  In the past we have progressed to the national stage in not only rugby but football, netball and gymnastics too.

To ensure our students maintain our high standards when representing the school, we have the following protocol in place.


In training, players will:

  • Arrive at the correct time for each training session
  • Inform the coach in advance if you are going to be late or have to leave before the end of a session
  • Arrive with and wear the appropriate kit for training and matches
  • Pay attention and participate fully in all activities


In matches, players will:

  • Be aware they are representing The Brooksbank School at all times on the way to, from and at the fixture
  • Keep up to date with schedules and fixtures by consulting with the coach, the calendar and team sheets
  • Arrive with and wear the appropriate kit for the match; dress smartly at all times
  • Respect their opponents and teammates at all times
  • Respect the referee and other officials and their decisions at all times
  • Always play fairly within the laws or rules of the activity
  • Congratulate the opposition, both individually and as a team, whether winning or losing
  • Be polite and respectful on the coach, while attending match matches and at all other times
  • Behave in a manner which brings credit to The Brooksbank School at all time


In matches, players will NOT:

  • Engage in foul play or poor gamesmanship at any time
  • Swear or use poor language
  • Argue with the referee’s decision or show dissent at any time
  • Violently or disruptively at any time




The Brooksbank School is a leading school for mental health and wellbeing provision in Calderdale.

Mental health and wellbeing of students is a key priority for the school.  We offer a comprehensive focus on wellbeing through PSHCE lessons, assemblies and drop down days. Our pastoral team also provide excellent support when needed for all students. Each year group has mental health champions who support other students.

Wellbeing is part of our OOSH programme with clubs offered that provide support on building confidence, art for mindfulness and sport for physical health and well-being.

The Brooksbank School works very closely with the ‘Calderdale Mental Health Support Team in Education’ and we are fortunate to host a Mental Health trainee practitioner in school. The Deputy Head is involved in the strategic steering group and works closely with a range of partners. Students have access to our in-house Mental Health Support Team and we have a dedicated room for students to discuss any worries and concerns privately with the team. They can provide one to one group support, support for examination worries.  Parent workshops are offered to give advice on how to support young people with their mental health at home.

We work very closely with Open Minds and can make further referrals to support our young people as necessary.  For more information on the work Open Minds do and to get support at home please click here.  Openminds in Calderdale (


A students guide to drugs and alcohol

UK Addiction Treatment Centre

We think the partnership with parents/carers is vital to student success and we work hard to inform and involve parents. We have a home school agreement which sets out expectations and responsibilities and this is explained and signed by students, teachers and parents/carers early in Year 7. We send three reports home each year. Two of these are summaries of grades achieved and the third is a detailed report. In addition we send home a half termly newsletter, a termly magazine and a year bulletin.

Parents/carers are invited in to discuss progress at an annual parents’ evening and in addition, all parents/carers are members of the Brooksbank Association which meets to discuss issues as well as to organise events.

Finally, we ask all our parents/carers to maintain regular contact with us, either through the student planner or by getting in touch when there are problems or concerns. We will do the same!

Parents’ Evening

Our online system means you can now book appointments with staff via the internet or using a smartphone/tablet. The aim is to improve flexibility and help you to book appointments with the teachers that you want to see at times to suit you. The online booking system will go live approximately 10 days before the parents’ evening and will close about one week before the event. Please see the opening/closing dates below.

Parents' Evening Calendar 2023/2024

Year Group Date Booking Open Booking Closed
7 (Face to face) Wed 29th Nov 2023 TBA TBA
8 (Face to face) Wed 17th Jan 2024 TBA TBA
9 (Face to Face) Thu 7th Mar 2024 TBA TBA
10 (Face to Face) Wed 17th Apr 2024 TBA TBA
11 (Face to Face) Thu 25th Jan 2024 TBA TBA
12 + Level 2 (Face to Face) Wed 31st Jan 2024 TBA TBA
13 (Face to Face) Wed 28th Feb 2024 TBA TBA


If you are unable to book online or experience any problems, please contact the relevant pastoral office:

Years 7, 8 & 9 Mrs Julie O’Hehir – TBC

Years 10 & 11 Mrs Julie O’Hehir – TBC

Years 12 & 13 Mrs Judith Allen – TBC


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