Leadership Team

Dave Hewitt
Interim Headteacher

As part of an Education Exchange project, we are very pleased to welcome Mr Dave Hewitt to Brooksbank School on secondment as Interim Headteacher.   We are looking forward to benefiting from Mr Hewitt’s extensive experience in school improvement and know you will join us in welcoming him to our school community.

Zandra Puddephatt
Deputy Headteacher

My role is to create a caring and safe environment for all members of the school community. I am the designated senior lead for Child Protection and Safeguarding. I am also in charge of transition, inclusion (this includes Pupil Premium students and Children Looked After) and I am the school's mental health lead; I co-ordinate a strong team of staff who provide appropriate well-being support to our students. It is important in these roles that I liaise closely with parents and outside agencies in order to enable all students, in our inclusive school, to achieve their potential and be happy and confident individuals when they leave Brooksbank.

Nathan Bowker
Interim Deputy Headteacher

It is an absolute privilege to be able to lead on inclusion at Brooksbank School. By endeavouring to create a safe, and inclusive environment, students will flourish, realise their potential and be their best self.  

My commitment to providing outstanding pastoral care will impact on every single student. I am committed to help educate and transform the lives and opportunities of all students I serve; underpinned by a relentless commitment to do the right thing! 

Students will want to be the best they can be, understand and respect their peers, be happy and confident individuals. 


Dave Puddephatt
Director of Sixth Form / Assistant Headteacher

My main area of responsibility is the strategic leadership and management of Post-16 education (Sixth Form). With nearly 300 students, studying more than 35 different Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, ensuring students are given the correct information, advice and guidance to get them onto the right courses is a key part of my role. Monitoring the academic performance of students as they progress through the Sixth Form is also very important, as is their personal development. Equipping all our students with the skills, personal qualities and confidence to be successful in the next phase of their lives, whether that is university, employment or further training, is another crucial part of my role.

Noel Watkins
Assistant Headteacher

I am responsible for the generation and strategic use of assessment data across the school. I work with Faculty Leaders to ensure assessments meet the needs of the curriculum and inform teaching and learning to drive up standards, improving outcomes for all. I also have responsibility for reporting student performance information to key stakeholders (including families), providing a starting point for conversations with teachers about next steps, enabling students to access their full potential. 
I am also responsible for the provision of examinations across the school, both internal and external and have oversight of the many vocational qualifications the school offers at Key Stages Four and Five. 

Damian Ball
Assistant Headteacher

My role as Assistant Headteacher is to have oversight of the pastoral system, working to ensure that students are equipped to maximise their potential. It is important that we create an environment where students are supported to overcome any issues that may affect their learning experience, the pastoral system at Brooksbank School allows this to happen and is at the heart of everything we do.
My responsibilities include working alongside the Deputy Head, Mr Tague, to focus on behaviour & attendance. This is to ensure the school’s behaviour policy is applied consistently, both in and out of lessons, and that the high expectations and standards we have for students are upheld.

Donna Clarke
Assistant Headteacher

As a member of the Quality of Education Team, I support the development of high standards of teaching and learning at The Brooksbank School. I have particular responsibility for whole school literacy and developing intervention programmes that promote progress, both of which serve to equip students with the skills and outcomes they need to thrive in an academic setting and beyond, as underpinned by our Aspire, Work Hard, Achieve ethos.

Jo Nutter
Assistant Headteacher

As part of the Quality of Education team, I am responsible for the school timetable as well as contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning across the school. I work alongside the team in supporting middle leaders and their faculties in creating exciting curriculum areas that deliver progress in terms of knowledge, qualities and skills of students. In addition, I also assist in the delivery of CPD opportunities for staff through whole staff training, workshops and teach meets.

Laura Farley
Assistant Headteacher

My role as part of the Quality of Education team is to support staff with their everyday teaching to enable every student to reach their potential.  I have responsibility for initial teacher trainees and as such coordinate and liaise their placements with our various providers.  I also manage the early careers framework at Brooksbank, supporting and managing the training for teachers in their first and second year of teaching.  I am also involved in ensuring we have a curriculum that will be the most effective for all our students.

Richard O'Connell
Director of Finance and Resources

As Director of Finance and Resources I oversee a variety of areas, including the financial, governance, facilities, ICT and HR aspects of the school.  A key part of my role is to ensure that we provide school facilities for our staff and students that offer a safe and supportive environment for learning. I also lead the ICT team to ensure that staff and students have access to IT systems to support learning.