The day may have been damp and gloomy and typically autumnal on the approach to the magnificent mill complex that is Dean Clough, but step inside and the warm feeling that greeted visitors to the Crossley Gallery was very agreeable indeed.

We were at the Crossley to see Participate, an exhibition of GCSE and A Level Art work by students at Brooksbank.  It was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and admire the fledgling creativity of students in a grown-up gallery.  Students smiled at the attention while parents and teachers glowed with pride at what two years of art, creativity and determination can produce.

Images large and small, singular and grouped, adorned the softly-lit walls and there was space to stand back and admire the various canvases, boards and pottery.

“We are extremely proud of our students in the way they develop as artists and creative thinkers,” said Head of Art, Ms Rachel Lumb.  “Whether they continue into an art career or not, their ability to research, experiment and analyse to develop a creative solution, will make them a valuable individual in any field of work.”

Participate opened its heart on Saturday, 12th October and remains open to the public until Sunday, 20th October.  If you haven’t already been, pop along and enjoy what students at Brooksbank have been producing.  It’s well worth a visit.