ICT E-Safety

Everyone is making increased use of ICT in all aspects of their lives. This is equally true for students in school, where ICT often provides a modern alternative to more traditional approaches to learning. Whilst encouraging this approach, we take e-safety seriously at The Brooksbank School, and it is essential that students and their families understand some of the dangers of working, playing and communicating online. At school, students discuss e-safety in assemblies, tutorial sessions and in their ICT lessons.

Before they are permitted to access the school’s network, students are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy. This document can be downloaded from our policies section. The key points contained in the full policy are as follows:

  • Make sure that you don’t share your username and password with anyone else.
  • Always log-off your station before you leave the classroom.
  • Keep our network safe! Don’t open suspicious attachments or download unknown files or attempt to install your own software onto the school network, you might unintentionally be installing a virus.
  • Only use the ICT equipment and internet as directed by your teacher.
  • Use the school e-mail address you are given to communicate with your teachers e.g. to send work, ask for extra help.
  • Make sure that you use your school e-mail account appropriately – students who are unable to do this will be blocked from accessing these facilities.
  • The school now uses Teams for remote teaching of lessons with students.
  • Don’t waste your time adding teachers as ‘friends’ on social networking sites – they’re not allowed to accept your request!

Report any eSafety incidents or concerns:

Talk to an adult you trust – your form teacher, a subject teacher, your parents … it doesn’t matter who, just tell someone.

If it’s something that’s happened in school then send an e-mail to esafety@bbs.calderdale.sch.uk

If it’s something that’s happened out of school hours and you feel that you need to report the incident then look out for the following logos:


To help families understand e-safety issues and how to protect children at home, we have collated the following resources for parents:

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