Revision Links Year 11



Highly recommended; these are the clips we have used in class and are excellent revision

Search on You tube for the phrases in speech marks

  • “BBC teach Medicine through time”- 10 available clips
  • “BBC teach Normans”- 6 available clips

Also recommended by History teachers in other schools:

Search on You tube for the phrases in speech marks

  1.  “Simple History”- this channel has some good easy to follow clips. Eg. Add to your search of this “simple history” channel with the following words
    1. “Hitler’s rise to power”
    2. “Nazi Germany propaganda”
    3. “de-stalinisation- secret speech”
    4. “the Korean War”
    5. “NATO”
    6. “Warsaw Pact”
    7. “The Space race”
    8. “Berlin Wall”
    9. “U2 crisis”
    10. “Hungarian Uprising”
  2. “Ben Newmark”- videos available on Medicine through time and Germany
  3. “Mr Allsop Germany”- videos available on Germany!
  4. “Khan Academy Cold War”-videos available on Cold War


Other online tools

  1. Monkeymonkey revision: . Medicine and Germany. This gives you information which you can then turn into gapfill exercises. (Sign in as guest)
  2. Tutor2U; Google even though it focuses on Edexcel this has some excellent study notes and quizzes that are very relevant to our course
  3. Newcastle University: Google “Newcastle University health and the people”. The first site to come up is a revision website that focuses on Renaissance medicine, though there are revision notes on all 4 time periods
  4. Seneca Learning






Memrise – Learn a language. Meet the world.

user: brooksbank

pass: Perpignan


They also have tasks to complete on:


Business Studies  (these resources are specific to the course) (this has good video and clearly explains concepts)  (this is for students who want to exceed their target grade and really enjoy the subject)






BBC Bitesize


23 Equations


Primrose Kitten