A school art show has landed in Crown Court for all the right reasons! The pieces are on display in the Judges’ Lounge and Dining Room at Leeds Crown Court.

Students from Brooksbank received the invitation to display their work from Elland local businessperson, Clive Lloyd, who is currently High Sheriff of West Yorkshire.

Brooksbank’s Art and Technology faculty was thrilled to receive such an exclusive request. On display are paintings, drawings, collage work and digital photography pieces. They will remain there until next April.

Did you know?

The office of the High Sheriff is an ancient one and dates back over a thousand years. Established before the Norman Conquest, it is the oldest Royal appointment. In Saxon times, the “Shire Reeve” reported to the king on matters of law and taxes payable to the Crown. In the days of Robin Hood, the Sheriff was a solitary law enforcement officer. Sheriffs also carried out some exceedingly gruesome tasks. These included watching executions to ensure they took place correctly!

Today the role of the High Sheriff is independent, non-political, and unpaid. They represent the monarch at ceremonial events such as Remembrance Sunday and recognise and encourage people who perform voluntary and charitable work.