Admission Under Sporting Aptitude Criterion

Application under Sporting Criterion

The Brooksbank School can take up to 10% of each Year 7 admissions based on sporting aptitude where spaces are available.

The students accessing this route will receive the same high quality academic provision as other students as well as;


  • An extensive and successful extra-curricular programme.
  • Well-developed school/club links and support from national governing bodies.
  • Where applicable, personal support to assist with school/sport issues concerned with specific competitions or training in school time.
  • Master classes with high performance coaches.

Students From Nominated Feeder Schools

If your child is already attending one of our nominated primary feeder schools: 

When you complete the common preference form for your choice of secondary school make sure you put The Brooksbank School down as a preference.

Make sure you submit the common preference form on time to the LEA – late applications will not be dealt with until after the first allocation process.

Students NOT From Nominated Feeder Schools

If your child attends another primary school and he/she would like the opportunity to be offered a place here under the sporting aptitude criterion

  • You will need to complete an application form for entry under the sporting criteria and return it to the school by the date shown on the form – click here for the form or contact the school and ask for one to be sent to you
  • The tests for sporting aptitude will be held early October. The results will be sent out before you have to submit your common preference form.
  • You must ensure that you make The Brooksbank School one of your preferences on the common preference form.
  • Ensure you submit your common preference form to the Local Authority by the deadline.

You are strongly advised to attend the open evening in the September prior to your child making the transition to secondary school to find out more about the application process