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The Brooksbank School and careers department provide students with a wide selection of help, support and guidance over the different year groups. One of the areas that the school and careers team try to promote is an overview of the job market and key industry sectors in West Yorkshire. This helps students to consider sectors or industries that are growing or shrinking and what skills are in demand.


It’s well known that parents and carers can be a major influence on their son/daughter’s career choices and parents can help students to research their career ideas, encourage to think through plans and to have early contact with employers. Students and parents can access the impartial careers service that is based in school. The Brooksbank School has two careers advisers who work for C&K Careers.


Jason Hopley:

Karen Duckworth:


The job market in West Yorkshire has a wide range of career opportunities and is part of the Leeds City Region covering Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Wakefield and Leeds. The Leeds City region is the UK’s largest city regional economy outside of London with it being the UK’s largest manufacturing centre. By 2036 the Leeds City Region plans to increase innovation, become a global digital leader, increase employment, skills and apprenticeships.


The Brooksbank School and C&K careers advisers help students to consider employment that is currently in demand. Knowing where the opportunities lie is part of successful planning for the future. According to Careers Yorkshire and Humber the following careers will be the jobs of the future:


  • Science and technology – Due to technological changes there will be more demand for people with science, technology, engineering and maths skills. Higher level skills will be needed and it is likely that some operative jobs will disappear and more become automated.
  • Health and social care – With people living longer more social care workers will be needed to care for people as the population ages. This will also result in a demand for more research into drugs and technology to help people live longer.
  • Environmental – More research is needed into saving energy and developing greener technologies in engineering, chemicals, agriculture and energy production.
  • Social changes – Increased leisure time has put more of a demand on catering, fitness, health and sales. More oversea visitors coming to the UK will help to boost the economy.


Competition for employment is rife in the local region, the country and the world. As well as informing students of careers in demand we also help to develop student’s employability skills that may include problem solving, innovative thinking, communication, ability to work to deadlines, negotiation and research skills. This is to enable students to leave The Brooksbank School with skills and qualities that employers are looking for.


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