Pastoral Care

Our pastoral aims are:

  • To support students as individuals as they progress through the school and respond positively to their needs
  • To support students as members of a social group
  • To support students’ learning and their full participation in the curriculum
  • To help students develop positive and useful qualities as part of a well-rounded personality
  • To create a safe and stimulating environment for all, based on the principles of respect for all




Our approach to working with students is based on the following principles:


High expectations of work and behaviour which build and sustain students’ sense of confidence and self-worth, rather than threatening and overwhelming them.

Students must believe that they are capable of success and must be helped to act on that belief.


Expectations must be consistently expressed and applied by individual staff and by all staff collectively.


All staff should work actively to promote positive relationships with students and parents.

We, as a school, should promote a positive dialogue with our students and be ready to listen and respond to their needs and/or concerns.


A positive regard for all members of the school community should be promoted. If students are to value themselves and the school, they need to be shown respect by the staff.


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