Pastoral Team


Progress Leaders

Progress Leaders are expected to take a positive and active lead in promoting the progress of their year group. They:

  • Co-ordinate the work of their year team
  • Support a form tutorial programme in consultation with the PSHE Co-ordinator
  • Liaise with student support staff within school and outside agencies as appropriate
  • Promote and co-ordinate liaison with parents on academic progress
  • Work directly with individual students or groups of students as appropriate


Deroy White – Year 7
Neil Verdeyen – Year 8
Alex Briggs – Year 9
Alex Smith – Year 10
Carly Bassinder – Year 11
Dave Puddephatt – Year 12/13


Other Pastoral Staff

Helen Shenton  – SENCO
Rebecca Smithson – Transition Co-ordinator
Gareth Rees – Literacy/Numeracy SEN teacher
Penni Lally-Garg (Progress Tutor) – Support for Sixth Form
Kate Potter (Progress Tutor) – Support for Sixth Form
Carole Kain (PSW) – Support for Year 7
Adam Oldroyd (PSW) – Support for Year 8
Jo Lumb (PSW) – Support for Year 9
Todd Wilson  (PSW) – Support for Year 10
Gail Tordoff  (PSW) – Support for Year 11
Hazel Sykes – Alternative Provision
Carolyn Leonard – Attendance Officer
Victoria Wardle – KS3 Pastoral Secretary
Julie O’Hehir – KS4 Pastoral Secretary
Judith Allen – Sixth Form Administrator