Pastoral Code

Our supportive, yet robust pastoral code is designed to maintain a safe and stimulating environment in which all students can learn and develop into successful young adults.  We have high expectations of all our students in terms of their work, attitude and behaviour.  As a result, we are proud of our successful and friendly school community.

We introduce a simple code of conduct as soon as students join the school.  It is based on the word ‘respect’ and is based on the respect we show ourselves, others and our environment.  Positive messages are displayed around the school and details are detailed in students’ planners.

We believe in rewarding our students and have a credit-based system for all the good things they do.  Students may be awarded credits for good classwork, good homework and displaying a positive attitude.  Credits build up to earn certificates and, at the end of each year, they enjoy a school trip.

When students do not meet our expectations, we have a number of sanctions ranging from a quiet word to a detention or, on rare occasions, exclusion from lessons.  We do reserve the right to detain students after school with 24 hours’ notice and we ask for parental support when this arises.