Parents’ Evening Dates

Our online system means you can now book appointments with staff via the internet. The aim is to improve flexibility and help you to book appointments with the teachers that you want to see at times to suit you. The online booking system will go live approximately four weeks before the parents’ evening and will close about one week before the event.

Parents’ Evening Calendar 2020/2021

Year Group Date Booking   Open Booking   Closed
7 STUDY 12th May TBA TBA
8 LEARN 17th March TBA TBA
8 STUDY 23rd March TBA TBA
9 LEARN 2nd February TBA TBA
9 STUDY 10th February TBA TBA
10 LEARN 3rd March TBA TBA
10 STUDY 11th March TBA TBA
11 LEARN 13th January TBA TBA
11 STUDY 21st January TBA TBA
12 22nd April TBA TBA
13 + Level 2 26th November TBA TBA

If you are unable to book online or experience any problems, please contact the relevant pastoral office:

Years 7, 8 & 9 Mrs Victoria Wardle –

Years 10 & 11 Mrs Julie O’Hehir –

Years 12 & 13 Mrs Judith Allen –

Instructions for using the booking system

Download The PDF >

To make a Parents’ Evening Booking – Click Here