Working with Parents / Carers

We think the partnership with parents/carers is vital to student success and we work hard to inform and involve parents. We have a home school agreement which sets out expectations and responsibilities and this is explained and signed by students, teachers and parents/carers early in Year 7. We send three reports home each year. Two of these are summaries of grades achieved and the third is a detailed report. In addition we send home a half termly newsletter, a termly magazine and a year bulletin.

Parents/carers are invited in to discuss progress at an annual parents’ evening and in addition, all parents/carers are members of the Brooksbank Association which meets to discuss issues as well as to organise events.

Finally, we ask all our parents/carers to maintain regular contact with us, either through the student planner or by getting in touch when there are problems or concerns. We will do the same!