Twenty-four students have enjoyed an inspiring two-day visit to Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, organised by Mr Miller as part of the ‘Year 8 Aim High’ programme.

Hosted by Geography lecturer Dr Matt Wise, Year 8 students enjoyed a tour of the College and the opportunities to find out about life as a student at Selwyn.

Mr Miller, Brooksbank’s Raising Aspirations Coordinator said, “It was an incredibly inspiring couple of days for students, who saw how their school studies can support progression to top flight universities and beyond.”

The overnighter included a full programme of lectures, workshops, and leisure activities.  It proved to be an illuminating window on of the world’s best universities and the party felt privileged to share the modern en-suite accommodation at Cripps Court, normally reserved for first year students.

Selwyn is one of Cambridge’s smaller colleges in terms of campus size and has a reputation for being a friendly college.  It has an annual intake of about 115 students.

It is a short walk/cycle ride from town, and next door to the Sidgwick Arts facility.  The Science and Engineering faculties are a little further out but still within walking distance.  This quieter location means that there are fewer tourists and therefore fewer distractions.  The college will benefit from a £12.6m new library and auditorium, to be completed in 2021.

Selwyn has its own dining hall, which is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is a great place to eat and relax, as our students found out.

Ghosts from the past

Who doesn’t love a good ghost tour?  Well, yes but on this occasion it did its job rather too well.  Monitoring bleepers accompanied this popular evening activity, and made it a little too real for some, who were too scared to fall asleep later that night!

Interestingly, Brooksbank bus driver Mr Roy discovered he had a distant ancestor who had been a porter at Corpus Christie College.  Porters play a key role in looking after the college, students and visitors.  Mr Roy was impressed by a fine portrait of his ancestor which hangs on a wall in the Porter’s Lodge.

year 8 visit Selwyn College Year 8 visit Selwyn College