The vast majority of our Level 3 students go on to successfully gain a place at University. Each year we have a growing number of students who apply to Oxbridge and the Russell Group of Universities. Consequently, we have a highly experienced team of staff who support students through all aspects of the application process including:

  • advice, guidance and support with personal statement writing
  • interview preparation and practice
  • preparation for the UK CAT
  • academic and character references
  • advice about the Clearing process on results day
  • post-results service

To further help students we have produced our own Applying For University Guide, which gives lots of useful advice on how to make a successful application.

For information about the UCAS applicant journey please click here.

Guide for writing a personal statement

More information on writing your personal statement

A list of resources / links for you to explore to widen your subject knowledge. This will enhance your personal statement but more importantly, because you are curious and enjoy learning!