Starting at Brooksbank


The countdown to your first day is on!

We can't wait to welcome you to Brooksbank in September. We’ll make sure you get off to the best possible start from the first day you arrive.

Transferring from primary to secondary school is an extraordinary moment in all our lives – we've all been there!

For students, we want you to learn and grow every day that you are here. Stepping up to high school can be scary for some, but we want you to embrace the moment with open arms! If you need help, we will be here to support you too.

For parents and carers, we welcome you to our school community too. Families play a huge role here and communication is really important. Thank you for your support. Together, we will do all we can to nurture and support your child on their high school journey with us. 


The journey begins       

Over the coming weeks, we will add more information to our page. Keep checking in with us – amazing things are coming your way!


Key dates

Welcome Evening   Thursday, 6th July
Transition Day    Friday, 7th July
First Day at Brooksbank    Tuesday, 5th September



Hello, I am Mrs Williams, transition co-ordinator at the Brooksbank School, and I am excited to welcome you to your new school community. Starting secondary school can be an exciting time, with lots of questions and a few worries.  That’s why members of our superb pastoral team and I will be visiting your child's primary school or inviting them in for a visit very soon. This will enable us to answer all your questions and to get to know the latest members of our brilliant school and how we can help them to achieve their best.

Our SEN team led by Mrs. Shenton will also be running extra sessions for students with additional needs to ensure they have a happy confident start to their time here.             

My favourite day of the school year is Transition Day. Students get to spend a whole day learning about their new school, trying our delicious school dinners, making new friends and having lots of fun! 

We will keep adding useful information to this page to help you support your child’s transition and ensure this crucial step is positive.

Best wishes 

Mrs Williams

Welcome Video

Edie and Cori are looking forward to you joining us in September. In this video they share some top tips to help you get off to a great start.