An educational visit to Chester Zoo has been summed up as “a great day out despite the torrential rain and soggy feet!” by organiser, Mrs Temelkovski.

Students from Year 10 and Year 7 attended special education workshops.  They were also delighted to meet Chester’s new giraffe calf, born to eleven-year-old mum, Orla.   The rare Rothschild calf was born just 24 hours prior to our students’ visit and caused quite a stir in the zoo and on social media; there are fewer than 2,650 remaining in the wild according to an Instagram post.

Year 10 students discover Chester’s ‘customer is king’ approach

Year 10 students listened to a talk regarding customer service at the zoo, where they learned all about the zoos ‘customer is king’ approach.  The zoo welcomes 1.9 million visitors to its 125-acre site every year and over 40% of customers are repeat-visitors.  Good service is key to this level of return.

It’s a highly successful strategy; in 2017 Chester was named as the best zoo in the UK and third best in the world by TripAdvisor.  Staff wear eye-catching uniforms and are trained to be highly approachable.

Chester is also aware that visitors who are well looked after also spend more money in the zoo’s cafes and gift shops, which pushing earnings higher and means more money can be channelled into the zoo’s numerous conservation projects.

Year 7 students discover the significance of evolution and adaptation  

Another group of twenty students from Year 7 attended an Evolution and Adaptations workshop to investigate how variations in genetic code react with habitats leads to some weird and wonderful adaptations.  So that’s why giraffes have such long necks!

Students then worked closely together to invent new animals which were highly adapted to their environments.  “I was really proud of how creative and enthusiastic our students were!” said Mrs Temelkovski.

Our verdict

“I love it when the penguins followed my hand when I placed it on the tank.”

“Great trip – I really enjoyed it!”

“The park was amazing, full of lots of different animals and attractions.”

“I’m still recovering from the smell of the bat house!”

Chester Zoo 2019 Collage (640x640)