September 2020 Transition

Transition into Secondary School is a massive milestone. Despite the school closures, we want to provide as much support and guidance for our September 2020 starters so we can prepare them for the start of their journeys at Brooksbank. Looking forward to meeting you.

This page will be where you will find our virtual transition programme for this year. Here you will find all the information you need to get ready for Brooksbank.

Over the coming weeks we will share information and tips with you and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Check back here or keep an eye on our social media and email to hear when new content is added.

To view the Transition Evening Information please click HERE


Transition Letter to Parents / Carers

We want our new starters to feel confident about starting at Brooksbank and with the school closures this will seem very different. Please click HERE to see our Transition Letter.






Mrs Helen Shenton – Transition Coordinator





Mr Neil Verdeyen – Head of Year 7





Mrs Rebecca Smithson – Assistant Head of Year 7





Mr Gareth Rees – Pastoral Support Worker for Year 7


If you need to get in touch please email

Please click HERE for more information


Please click HERE for more information


The Brooksbank School LRC Reading List Year 7


Please click HERE for List.



Transition Booklet

Please take the time to browse our Transition Booklet which is filled with useful information.

Please click HERE to see our booklet.



SEN Policy

Please click HERE for details



Information on School Uniform

Please click HERE to see uniform information.



Link to the school uniform shop

Please click HERE



Application for a Bus Pass

Please click HERE



The BBC Bitesize’s Starting Secondary School is full of tips and advice on making the transition from Primary school to Secondary school.




Try new Maths skills with My Maths or repeat previous learnt skills to help with next years work. Use the Brooksbank Login and complete as many activities as possible. Available until September and beyond.

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